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From your relationships to your revenue

Spark combines real estate lead and inventory management into one clean and intuitive system.

Helping you keep your leads clear and organized

Spark helps validate your data by preventing you from entering duplicate information. You should never have to waste time cleaning your database.

  • Contact Overview

    Get a bird's-eye view of the state of your leads at any given time. See a breakdown of all your ratings and a list of the most recently added contacts.

  • Detailed Profile

    View and interact with your contacts from profile pages that group together all the information you need, and make it easy for anyone on your team to understand that person's history with your project.

  • Filtered Lists

    If you're working through a list, you can perform all of the most common actions on a contact instantly from that list, or apply the same action to multiple contacts using the mass action menu.

    A complete feature set for managing your contacts

    Powerful Search

    Retrieve every bit of data through an intuitive and powerful search tool.

    Custom/Dynamic Groups

    Set up your dynamic groups once, and never worry about them again.


    Get to know your leads better with questions you can update at any time.

    Little Reminders

    Always know when you last connected, and how best to follow up.

    Strong Overview Tools

    Pull information out of your database for an aggregate scan of your leads.

    Quick Workflow

    Log interactions, make notes and calls, and send emails directly from your lists.

    Your Data, Your Way

    Access a download of all your contact data at any time.

    Connect your Connections

    Set up relationships between leads, or assign them to agents or realtors.

    Putting the focus on what matters

    Home and condo marketing and sales management has never been easier. Spark streamlines the way you update and present inventory, keeping it up-to-date, in one spot and accessible for both local and global teams.

    • Perform mass actions from your editable inventory list view

    • Track price and status history on inventory profiles

    • Collect all your contracts in one place

    Instantly visualize your stacking plans

    Wondering what phase your project is in or what percentage of units have sold? Kiss spreadsheets goodbye – Spark generates interactive, real-time stacking plans directly from your inventory. Your team will always have access to the most current information including percent sold, popular floorplans and unit types.

    Completing the suite with robust inventory tools

    Stacking Plans

    View, sort and filter through all your inventory in a beautiful way.

    Mass Price Adjustments

    Update and track price changes, history and trends inside your development.

    Managing Contracts

    Complete, manage and store all of your contracts inside the system.


    Record payments, see what’s owed and stay on top of everything upcoming.

    Options & Upgrades

    Customize a home to the exact specifications with a few clicks.


    Keep everything in one place for easy sharing, viewing and editing.

    Custom Statuses

    Sold, Offer, Reserved, Available — customize your inventory however you like.

    Buildings & Types

    Quickly toggle between multiple buildings or phases, if enabled.